Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 10--He brought out a sweet Scandinavian battle axe, an M4 Assault Rifle, and a Sniper Rifle

Date: Nov 5,  2012
Companion: Elder Moorhouse
Area: Newburgh Bike
Sup everybody?
It's actually been a semi-eventful week! As far as the wheather goes... it's been cold! We didn't get anything really from the big Sandy storm on the east coast except maybe some percipitation. I bought some gloves a week or so ago that aren't super bulky and will block wind and should help keep me warm enough while I'm on the bike.
For Halloween it was essentially just a normal Wednesday while the sun was up. For the Election our Mission President has asked us to write down the addresses of all the people with Romney signs in their front yard and we will contact them at a later time. There are 2 other missionaries in the ward that I serve in- the Zone leaders- and they have an investigator who invited us over for Halloween night. His baptism is next week. We had a fire and he brought out a sweet scandinavian battle axe, an m4 assault rifle, and a sniper rifle. It was pretty legit. 
 We found some new investigators and all 3 of them are Chinese! Straight from Asia! Incredible, huh? Not that crazy but it's definately all about starting from scratch with them. One is athiest, one has no religious ideas, and the third is Muslim. They're all colleagues. 
Last but not least I'm in a trio... again. An Elder in our district decided to go home early so that left his companion with us! His name is Elder Clawson. The funny thing is, Elder Moorhouse and him were already companions for 2 transfers in a different area so they know each other pretty well. The trio should only last until transfers which are in 2 ish weeks. Elder Clawson came from a car area though, so he brought that with him :)
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: Words of Mormon 1:7
Mom & Dad! They're celebrating their 25th Anniversary the 6th of November!
Have a great week everybody! You're loved!
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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