Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 4

Date:  Sept 24, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike
Sup Everybody?
This week seemed to be another good one! The wheather has been nice and such which makes everything good. This week we had Zone Conference on Wednesday and then Stake Conference yesterday. Both were really good! There were a lot of good insights and I'm remembering from high school how bad of a note taker that I am! I just drew instead and then listened while I was drawing and that seemed to make it easier. I probably have ADD. It's whatever.
So I don't know if I've already mentioned it but they have a game here called "bags" which is basically just a bag toss but it's more serious out here! The why to that was explained to me as even a drunk person can be good at bags... so there ya go. I say this because I want to play but we just haven't yet. I feel like we will soon.. I'll definately letcha know how it goes!
The picture that's attached is just a park where we commenly find ourselves trying to find people. A lot of people will go there to feed ducks because there are a TON of them. There are also geese and a ton of squirrels and occassionally you'll catch a blue herin just chillin'.
Well I'm starved and tired right now so I apologize for the boring letter.. hopefully it will improve next week! I hope everybody has an awesome day! And week! I love you all! Peace!
Mom: for being awesome and helping me out with the things that I should have done before the MTC!
Paul Murdoch: for being a cool cat.
Tyler Coles: for being an amazing home teacher! If everybody was as awesome as he is then retention and less active members of the Church would not even be an issue.
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 3 and pictures!!

Date:  Sept 17, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike

Sup Everybody?
Hey there! I hope everybody has been having a magical week! I finally got some pictures on here and the first 2 are old news from the MTC. The one with just me was my first full day there. I'm cute, i know. 
'The second one was me and my comp with our last teacher (like I said we had like 9).   
On Tuesday I went and bought a new bike as you can see in the pictures! It was 'posed to be $440 with tax but (you know how I do) I was able to get it for $375 instead with a kick stand and water bottle holder included! Cool huh? It has made riding SO much easier and our pace has increased and I can keep up! Woo Hoo! I bought it from a place called Gilles. It also has a 3 year warranty where they will adjust everything for free if it gets out of whack.
Also on Wednesday we our regular District meeting and my comp and I (for some reason) were asked to give the training. I felt weird giving all of the other Elders in the district advice but I felt like it all went smoothly.
The picture of the egg samich is simply my amazing creation. It turned out better than expected and I've had a few of them this week (: I haven't run out of food just yet I've been doing an okay job of shopping... frozen foods are bomb!
Oh! This coming Wednesday were having Zone Conference so that's pretty exciting!
The weather here has been either nice out and not too hot or rainy. I enjoy it. I don't enjoy riding in it. We had a cool lighting storm pass over a week or more ago and that was cool as well. My comp says that I missed most of the hot hot summer they had which... isn't dissapointing! (:
As far as investigators go my area had a baptism the week before I came and we are in a state of finding right now. We do have a few investigators but they are not really progressing... so we have not had to drop anybody really yet but hopefully things turn around!
I think that's about it! I'll wrap up with some shoutouts!
Dad - teaching me how to cook eggs
Forrest Sutherland - being a stallion and having a companion that I know? Mostly being a stallion
Whitney Denton - for being an awesome sister and (I'm sure) and even awesomer teacher!  
Take care now!
Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 2 in the field!

Date:  Sept 10, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike

Sup errybody?
Well since last Monday it's all just kind of meshed together besides Wednesday! There wasn't anything super duper special about Wednesday except that I went on an exchange with my District Leader, Elder Rigby. It was a good experience and not only did I get a break from the bike for a day but we were able to teach 3 different lessons and also found a new investigator. There was more to it but those were the highlights. I wasn't exactly sure what to do for food so I just skipped breakfast (on the exchange still) and we went out for lunch and had a dinner appointment for dinner. I figured mine and Elder Rigby's companion had done the same until I got back to my apartment and found that a bunch of my food had been eaten. I was pretty upset but what can ya do yanno? It wasn't anything my companion did wrong but.. just... ya... grr.
As far as cooking has gone I've just stuck to the basics. I get a fair variety of cereal, mac n' cheese, samiches, and microwavable corn dogs. Pretty legit'. My companion isn't necessarily an amazing cook but he has some good ideas when it comes to food. I have to force myself to drink water so I don't get dehydrated. The Brita filter pitcher that I got has worked wonders! I just got back from shopping and got some eggs, eggos, frozen pizza, and some other unhealthy-because-I-can't-afford-anything-else foods.
 Were everybody else's letter that long? Man I'm really stretchin my brain right now for more of what we did. It all just seemed to blend together.. Probable because the majority of it was missionary work. I guess siblings wrote more about their investigators... whatever! Oh and I forgot my camara again this week so... sorry for being a failure!
Mom: for all the little things I do that you taught me that make my days easier!
TJ Sutherland: For being AWESOME and making the decision to serve a mission! The GKLM (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) IS where it's at.
Stephen Sutherland: The shoes! They are working out excellently and are muchly appreciated!
Love you guys!
The Church is true!

Monday, September 3, 2012

First Week in the Field!

 Date:  September 3, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike

Sup everybody?
Sorry I missed ya last week! So I flew to Kentucky and we landed at about 4 o clock.

President Woodbury and his wife and the assistants were all there to greet us.

We piled into a few different cars and went to the mission home which is actually only about 10 minutes away from the airport.

The first thing that hit me when we stepped off of the 'plane was --you guessed it-- the humidity! Phew! It's going to take some getting used to for sure! Sister Woodbury had an AMAZING dinner waiting for us. It was probably so amazing because we'd only had MTC food for the last three weeks... but it was still good :)
 The next morning we got up and had breakfast

and then went the transfer meeting where I was paired with Elder Moorhouse.

He's a pretty cool cat! We are serving in the "Newburgh Bike" area. You read me correctly! I'm on a bike! If you saw the pictures of my companion it's fairly obvious that he is fit. If you have seen me it's fairly obvioius that I'm not. I'll get back to that. Newburgh Bike is just the name of the area. I am physically in Evansville, Indiana. Feel free to send me all the mail and packages that you'd like (: It's a pretty area! There aren't too many hills. (thankfully... going back to the riding a bike thing) (e-mail Whit for his address...I didn't want to post it online.
It was about a 2 1/2 hour car ride to our apartment from the chapel where the meeting was held and then I moved in real quick and the zone leaders came and picked us up to do some shoppin'. We meet up with them often to go places because.. well... they have a car. I felt super lost in the grocery store because I was not prepared by any means to go shopping. I felt like I needed to plan it all out what I was gonna do for meals and such but nontheless I feel like I did a pretty good job of winging it! We don't get too many dinner appointments but I've eaten twice so far out in the field where it was prepared for me. There was a bike left there that I will use until mine is shipped to me that had a flat tire and I actually was able to repair it! It went pretty smoothly! The bike is a little rough but will work for now.
Other than that it's just been a lot of proselyting this week. I enjoy it. I haven't had a door straight up slammed in my face but we're getting there. I need that experience. Street contacting is fun as well. When we get on our bikes to ride to an appointment or wherever Elder Moorhouse is always up ahead of me.. he has been biking for awhile now I guess so he has a quick pace. It pushes me but I make sure to not push it too hard or I'll be dead once I get to wherever I'm going so he stops and lets me catch up. Today we are going to get a brita filter because the tap water is atrocious and it is so so important to stay hydrated. It makes the difference between a good and bad day for surely.
UMMMM oh! Every Monday morning we play basketball at the Church and because school was out today there were these two kids who were like... amazing. Turns out the taller of the two is rated number 1 in the city (he is a junior in hs) and has a full ride scholarship to like... anywhere he wants. He was on my team though so it was all good.
I think that's it ya'll? My laundry is about done and I'm not sure I have anything more to say. The Gospel is true. Amen, right? Right.
Elder Denton III (strikes again)
Ahh oh BTW a complete miracle happened on Sunday that I forgot to mention! (bashful face)
SO - last week there was a lady, who's name will remain anonymous, was baptized and this week in testimony meeting I stood in for her confirmation. Her husband (soon to be ex i believe) was the one who the missionaries had gone to see but ended up meeting her instead! She didn't even know that he had been a member. He is inactive... and by that I mean it's been 21 years. He went to church and during testimony meeting got up (which made my comp a little nervous) and basically said he was going to start coming to church again and asked for everybody's help! so cool! The Spirit works wonders!
Thats all
bye again