Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 4

Date:  Sept 24, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike
Sup Everybody?
This week seemed to be another good one! The wheather has been nice and such which makes everything good. This week we had Zone Conference on Wednesday and then Stake Conference yesterday. Both were really good! There were a lot of good insights and I'm remembering from high school how bad of a note taker that I am! I just drew instead and then listened while I was drawing and that seemed to make it easier. I probably have ADD. It's whatever.
So I don't know if I've already mentioned it but they have a game here called "bags" which is basically just a bag toss but it's more serious out here! The why to that was explained to me as even a drunk person can be good at bags... so there ya go. I say this because I want to play but we just haven't yet. I feel like we will soon.. I'll definately letcha know how it goes!
The picture that's attached is just a park where we commenly find ourselves trying to find people. A lot of people will go there to feed ducks because there are a TON of them. There are also geese and a ton of squirrels and occassionally you'll catch a blue herin just chillin'.
Well I'm starved and tired right now so I apologize for the boring letter.. hopefully it will improve next week! I hope everybody has an awesome day! And week! I love you all! Peace!
Mom: for being awesome and helping me out with the things that I should have done before the MTC!
Paul Murdoch: for being a cool cat.
Tyler Coles: for being an amazing home teacher! If everybody was as awesome as he is then retention and less active members of the Church would not even be an issue.
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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