Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 9--I also decided this week that I want to be more like Enos

Date: Oct 29, 2012
Companion: Elder Moorhouse
Area: Newburgh Bike
Sup everybody?
It's cold! Riding a bike in the cold hasn't been a help to that either! It's very flat here so you get the wind full force... nothing to block it! I'm not sure that I'm ready for the winter wheather but ready or not here it comes! I also decided this week that I want to be more like Enos. Most are familiar with the wrestle he had with God in prayer. I want to be able to pray like that! I'm working on it.
Mike- I mentioned him last week and said how solid he is! We had a bomb lesson this Wednesday with him and he seemed to be progressing very well. As promised, he came to church and everything seemed to be going well until the second hour when some of his concerns seemed to come out. He's had concerns before but by the time we met with him to address them he had already ironed them out. So hopefully that's what will happen!
Also, here is a cool scripture: 3 Nephi 28:20. It's refering to the 3 nephites and they totally smote the Earth with the Word of God! That's super legit! I'll have to try it sometime.
As I mentioned last week I had an exchange this Thursday. He had just come out this last transfer (the one after me) and was very green. I learned more about myself it seemed than I learned about him. I have a deeper level of patients than I thought! It was like an anti-sanity barrier of patients I experienced. Good to know it's there.
Until next time...have a great week ya'll!
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: Alma 5:32
Those who have shared their testimony with a stranger in the last month! Thanks!
With <3,
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 8

Date: Oct 22, 2012
Companion: Elder Moorhouse
Area: Newburgh Bike
Sup Everybody?
Another week gone and passed! On Thursday we had a pretty busy day. We took our ward mission leader.. well... he took us in his van to go see a bunch of less active members. It was effective but he was only available in the middle of the day when everybody is at work so... not too many people were home. Yesterday at church everybody spoke about missionary work and next Sunday they are having a fireside on missionary work so hopefully that'll get the ward amped up to do... well.. missionary work. Home teaching at the least?
Yesterday I bought some grease for my bike chain so it won't get all rusty. I put it on too if you were wondering. This upcoming Thursday we have another exchange. You know how I feel about those. This one shouldn't be too bad because the guy who ate all of my food got transfered.
So we finally started finding some people! Last month this guy who wasn't a member and had just moved into our area for a job showed up at church and we talked to him. He is super smart but it sounded like he had some hold ups about our church. We had set up an appt to go and see him and when we did it went way well! It was basically just picking a date for baptism and then going over the baptismal interview questions to see what he knew. The only thing he wasn't familiar with was the Word of Wisdom which normally is a problem out here but he quickly accepted. So elect! We'll call him Mike. I'll try to remember that for future letters. We have another investigator were teaching regularly but he doesn't have a bap date quite yet so more to come!
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: Alma 37:37
Brother and Sister Moorhouse: For sending me a sweet shirt!
All those Jimmy Johns Drivers out there... "you betta check yourself before you wreck yourself"
Have a magical week!
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 7

Date:  Oct 15, 2012
Companion: Elder Moorhouse
Area: Newburgh Bike
Sup everybody?
The wheather this week was getting warmer until we got rained on yesterday and that cooled it off a little. It is inbetween fall and summer wheather still it seems. I bought a jacket this week because the one I brought is too heavy for just when it's raining. I'm going to have to buy a splash guard for my rear tire because when it rains it flicks the water up at me and I get a nice line on my backpack and the back of my shirt. Speaking of backpacks I'll need to be getting one of those too because mine broke! It lasted it's worthwhile. It was only 5 bucks anyways! Yet another example of "you get what you pay for"...
Right now my companion and I are doing what we can to find new investigators. It's not that we aren't getting any but the rate at which they are coming isn't meeting the standard that the mission has. We had Zone Meeting this week and the Zone Leaders gave a good training on making sure that we are incoorperating the Book of Mormon into every aspect of our teaching and finding. It wasn't really a "how to" so much as a "this is important" type of deal. So I believe the quality and quantity of our investigators should improve.
That's actually all that I wrote down for my outline for the letter this week :0 Hopefully something exciting will happen this week. Oh.. today at basketball I jammed my finger... I thought that I had broke it but then some of the pain went away and it was all good. Well now I'm going to go and play some raquetball so I'll catcha next time!
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 27:33
Those who paid attention in seminary: I sure wish that I had!
Hope you all have the most fantabulous of weeks!
With <3
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 6

Date:  Oct 8, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike
Sup Everybody?
So it was inevitable... I'm a Zone leader. Well... only for a couple days because our Zone leader became an assistant so my companion and I are just in a trio with him... Ha? So ya I didn't get transfered but the rest of our district got rocked. Should be exciting to see the change. General Conference was too cool! Did everybody take notes? Too cool about the new age elegibility huh? Personally, I'm glad that it was 19 when I went out I was super grateful for the job opportunity that I had. I did pretty well through conference but like most, probably faded off a little at the end. I watched the first 4 sessions at our stake center and the last one at an investigators house. It wasn't our investigator it was the Zone leaders so don't be getting too excited (: On Saturday before Priesthood session the ward does a "pizza potluck" which was pretty good. Anytime you don't have to make food for yourself is simply the best... we don't get fed too much by the members but it does happen so nothing to complain about (:
Tomorrow is transfer meeting but you know on the Saturday before if you are being transfered so that it will give you time to pack and clean. I never did make it to Fall Festival which was too bad! Last Tuesday I went on an exchange with the guy who ate all my food and it went... better than anticipated. I made sure to plan where we were going to eat so he wouldn't chow down on all of our food again. My companion was in the area where the Festival was so he was able to go.
We get service opportunities fairly regularly but not like... daily or anything which is okay. Anybody who comes off their mission and would like to go into the moving buisness should be perfectly qualified. Service opportunities are nice because it gives you a break from the usual and you'll generally get fed.. although it isn't expected. We look for service opportunities everywhere we go.
Well I think that's all for this week! I love all of you so be safe!
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: Mosiah 4:27
Mariah Sivertson: For just being amazing and putting up with me (:
President Woodbury: For his leadership and ability to keep sanity with all the... harder to deal with.. missionaries.
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 5

Date:  Oct 1, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike

Sup Everybody?
I hope you're all super excited for General Conference! I know I am! Before my mission I never realized the severity of its awesomeness, hearing from a Prophet of God and all. It was always just good because I got to sleep in! Now, however, I know of how important it is to listen to what is said because it is all revelation recieved for us! This is what we're always talking about- Modern day Prophets- so we should probably take notes! (: 
 We have had the opportunity to find some new investigators, but so far none of those have been super solid Preach My Gospel perfect investigators. It's definately a sifting process. So I probably won't talk much about investigators unless I'm sure that they are about to be baptized so don't be sad! We are having success.. Just not major success! Not yet. It'll come!
Fall Festival starts today! It's a pretty super huge event from what I hear and it's only a mile or so outside of our area! I believe we will be going a few times this week to check it out and contact some people! I'm excited! The scouts have a booth called "monster ears" which I believe are just scones that they sell to raise money.
Also, I've pretty much just accepted that I'm going to be dying at an early age due to second hand smoke inhalation. It's gross. There are a bunch of people out here that smoke and I guess I just have to deal with it! And it's funny because everybody has smoked or done drugs or whatever and now theyre on disability..... pfft.
On Saturday we took a second attempt at contacting a referral that we had recieved. We biked over there and he let us right in! Unfortunately, he was trying to figure out what he was going to do because that night he had to be out... he had gotten evicted and had a 3 day notice but apparently got the days mixed up and about an hour previously had remembered that it was, in fact, Saturday. It was unfortunate.. hopefully things start to look up for him! 
I have definately noticed that the biking has been becoming easier. Part of that I would attribute to the new bike being so easy to ride and part that we just do it so consitently that I've built up my quads. Anyways, it's been nice to not get so winded, or have to put forth as much effort just to get back and forth.
Well I'll wrap this thing up with a new advice column provided with Book of Mormon references. Oh and fun fact: Dale Murphy's son (one of my zone leaders) is sitting next to me.
Love ya!
Good advice from the BOM? Jacob 6:12
Barry & Melody Sivertson: for being awesome parents to an awesome girl! Well.. girls.. but I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about. (:
Kyle Denton: for writing me on my mission regularly even when I didn't write you very often...
 More to come!
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)