Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 8

Date: Oct 22, 2012
Companion: Elder Moorhouse
Area: Newburgh Bike
Sup Everybody?
Another week gone and passed! On Thursday we had a pretty busy day. We took our ward mission leader.. well... he took us in his van to go see a bunch of less active members. It was effective but he was only available in the middle of the day when everybody is at work so... not too many people were home. Yesterday at church everybody spoke about missionary work and next Sunday they are having a fireside on missionary work so hopefully that'll get the ward amped up to do... well.. missionary work. Home teaching at the least?
Yesterday I bought some grease for my bike chain so it won't get all rusty. I put it on too if you were wondering. This upcoming Thursday we have another exchange. You know how I feel about those. This one shouldn't be too bad because the guy who ate all of my food got transfered.
So we finally started finding some people! Last month this guy who wasn't a member and had just moved into our area for a job showed up at church and we talked to him. He is super smart but it sounded like he had some hold ups about our church. We had set up an appt to go and see him and when we did it went way well! It was basically just picking a date for baptism and then going over the baptismal interview questions to see what he knew. The only thing he wasn't familiar with was the Word of Wisdom which normally is a problem out here but he quickly accepted. So elect! We'll call him Mike. I'll try to remember that for future letters. We have another investigator were teaching regularly but he doesn't have a bap date quite yet so more to come!
Good advice from the Book of Mormon: Alma 37:37
Brother and Sister Moorhouse: For sending me a sweet shirt!
All those Jimmy Johns Drivers out there... "you betta check yourself before you wreck yourself"
Have a magical week!
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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