Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 3 and pictures!!

Date:  Sept 17, 2012
Companion:  Elder Moorhouse
Area:  Newburgh Bike

Sup Everybody?
Hey there! I hope everybody has been having a magical week! I finally got some pictures on here and the first 2 are old news from the MTC. The one with just me was my first full day there. I'm cute, i know. 
'The second one was me and my comp with our last teacher (like I said we had like 9).   
On Tuesday I went and bought a new bike as you can see in the pictures! It was 'posed to be $440 with tax but (you know how I do) I was able to get it for $375 instead with a kick stand and water bottle holder included! Cool huh? It has made riding SO much easier and our pace has increased and I can keep up! Woo Hoo! I bought it from a place called Gilles. It also has a 3 year warranty where they will adjust everything for free if it gets out of whack.
Also on Wednesday we our regular District meeting and my comp and I (for some reason) were asked to give the training. I felt weird giving all of the other Elders in the district advice but I felt like it all went smoothly.
The picture of the egg samich is simply my amazing creation. It turned out better than expected and I've had a few of them this week (: I haven't run out of food just yet I've been doing an okay job of shopping... frozen foods are bomb!
Oh! This coming Wednesday were having Zone Conference so that's pretty exciting!
The weather here has been either nice out and not too hot or rainy. I enjoy it. I don't enjoy riding in it. We had a cool lighting storm pass over a week or more ago and that was cool as well. My comp says that I missed most of the hot hot summer they had which... isn't dissapointing! (:
As far as investigators go my area had a baptism the week before I came and we are in a state of finding right now. We do have a few investigators but they are not really progressing... so we have not had to drop anybody really yet but hopefully things turn around!
I think that's about it! I'll wrap up with some shoutouts!
Dad - teaching me how to cook eggs
Forrest Sutherland - being a stallion and having a companion that I know? Mostly being a stallion
Whitney Denton - for being an awesome sister and (I'm sure) and even awesomer teacher!  
Take care now!
Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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