Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 13--The speed limits here are fast! It's nice!

Date: Nov 26,  2012
Companion: Elder Carly
Area: Morehead, KY
Sup everybody?
So I'm in Morehead, Kentucky. It's an "in the middle of nowhere-how did anybody ever find this place" kind of town. It has a college, Morehead State University which seems to make up most of the population. There are plenty of stores and even a super Wal-Mart to solve all of my shopping needs! I think I'm going to enjoy it here! Church is about 20 miles away. The speed limits here are fast! It's nice!
I certainly hope that everybody had the most wonderful of Thanksgivings! Mine certainly was interesting! I'll get back to that. Here's how it's been since last Monday: Woke up at 5:00 on Tuesday morning to drive 2 hours to Louisville for transfer meeting.

Immediately after transfer meeting my new companion, Elder Carly, we hopped into a truck of somebody we didn't know and drove for 2 more hours to Mt Sterling, Kentucky where we got our phone, and car. We then proceeded to head east another 35ish minutes to our apartment. I'm not sure if I was very clear last week about what happened. The area I'm in got "whitewashed" by my companion and I. That means that the two Elders that were here got transferred out and we got transferred in. That isn't common to happen but when it does it's because there wasn't much work getting done.
We arrived at our apartment (119 N Blair Ave Morehead KY 40351.. I'd double check the zip code) and it was a MESS. It was evident that the Elders that had left had done absolutely nothing to clean up that apartment. We've spent a total of over 6 hours cleaning. Our Ward Mission Leader has been absolutely awesome and got us some cleaning supplies to help us out. He also took us out for a bite to eat. Between then and now we've done a lot of missionary work! We were able to find 16 new investigators this week which is like more than 3 times the amount I've ever found in a 7 day period and this was essentially a 5 day period Including Thanksgiving which is a non-proselyting day. Very exciting! We've also had a couple of people try to convert us... nothing unusual out here!
For Thanksgiving we kind of had a progressive dinner I guess. One of our investigators actually had us over for our first dinner and it was very good! After that we went over to a family in the ward's house and theirs wasn't done cooking so we got to know them and ended up leaving without eating. Our last stop was our Ward Mission Leaders house for dessert. Before we ate we played Botchi ball which was fun. I enjoyed pretty much everything I've eaten so far and as far as I know I haven't eaten any roadkill!

My new companion is Elder Carly. He has been out only a month and a half longer than I have. Same age as me and he is from Spanish Fork. He enjoys film making and is in a lot better shape than I am, like most people I come across! He has 8 siblings including step-siblings. He's a pretty cool cat. We get along well.
Our apartment is awesome now that it's all cleaned up. Having a washer and dryer is super beneficial and should save me close to $20 a month. The kitchen and study room alone was the size of my last apartment and then beyond that we have a workout room, bedroom, bathroom, and closet. It's pretty sweet! We found a fake tree in the pantry so we decided to put it up. There was only two strands of lights that worked so one went on the railing and one on the tree. Elder Carly is a fruit so that's why he's in the picture. 

The other picture is of two towns that are in our area. One is "Sharkey" and one is "Farmers" first we though it was one town called "Sharkey Farmers" so we imagined some gilled creatures that enjoyed farming... but I guess not.
Sorry for writing a book. Packages need to be sent to my address and not the mission office because it costs them money to forward it to me. I make an end.
Good wisdom from the Book of Mormon: 1 Nephi 9:6
Brother Curry, our awesome ward mission leader who has helped us out SO much and been very hospitable and just a boss!
Bishop Green who has been similiarly awesome and caring about the missionary work going on here!
Have a great week! Love ya'll (I hope I don't pick that up)
-Elder Denton III (Strikes again)


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