Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off to the MTC!

Date:  Aug 8, 2012
Companion:  TBD
Area:  Provo MTC

Wednesday morning, we finished getting Elder Denton III all packed up and then headed out.  Grammy stayed at the house and Elder Denton left her some final words of wisdom, "Make sure you follow the rules!"

To which she replied through an onslaught of tears, "Why would I start now?"

We made the obligatory stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some odds and ends and then headed down south to P-Town.  We stopped for a lively (as always) meal at Olive Garden--delish.  Then we all squished into one car and headed toward the MTC.
Because of the Wal-Mart stop, there were quite a few things that hadn't made it into Elder Denton's suitcase, so we stopped at the MTC field to repack and take a few pictures...well our family certainly isn't camera shy!  You may click here for a more comprehensive collection of pictures or continue onward for the highlights.

We headed across the street and he gave a couple of hugs...

...and then he was off!

Good luck Elder Denton!  We'll see you in two years!

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