Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Letter!

Date:  received Aug 10, 2012
Companion:  Elder Souza
Area:  Provo MTC

   First day at the MTC has come to a close and I haven't written in a while so don't judge me.  My new comp is Elder Souza (sue-zah) and he's a pretty cool cat.  He is a convert and it's been good to get to know him!  The room we're in is tight quarters...yikes!  It's clearly meant or 4 people (i.e. 4 dressers, 4 desks, etc.) but it has an extra bunk bed stuffed in here to house 6.  Dinner was okay but from what I here I'm about to get wrecked.  Anywho I'm here
wish me luck
write you next week
Love ya!

Elder Denton III (strikes again)

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