Thursday, August 30, 2012

From the Mission President's Wife

Dear Brother and Sister Denton,

Your wonderful son arrived in the GKLM (the Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) safe and sound on Monday, virtually beaming from ear to ear from the moment we saw him. We were and are so impressed by him and his enthusiasm and desire to serve. What a fine young man!

After getting the bags and loading up the GKLM trailer (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) the missionaries hopped in the Mission van or other cars for the short ride to the Mission Home. President Woodbury began interviews while I conducted an orientation meeting and the Assistants to the President took individual pictures to be used on the Transfer Boards at the Mission Office and Mission Home. 

We were joined by the two couples from the Mission Office and sat down to a home-cooked dinner. The two couples left after the meal and the rest of us went downstairs to the Training Room (aka the family room) to have a “Welcome to the Best Two Years” skit by the Assistants, and Testimony Meeting. What a spiritual feast! Your wonderful son bore a strong and humble testimony. We're looking forward to great things with and through him...      Then, it was off to bed with chocolates on his pillow for sweet dreams.

Tuesday morning we had a hot breakfast, followed by Companionship Study and orientation regarding finances and vehicles. By 10:00 we were at the church adjacent to the Mission Office for Transfer Meeting.

After the song and prayer, the outgoing missionaries gave their departing "Words of Wisdom" and then it was time for new missionaries to be in the spotlight. 
Each stood as he or she was introduced, along with the name of their Trainer and their first area.  After Elder Denton stood, Elder Moorhouse, a good and dedicated missionary, hurried over to hug his new companion and take him to the area in the chapel reserved for them. "Called to Serve" was sung, GKLM style, and then President Woodbury announced the rest of the transfers. Following the meeting, the new missionaries and their Trainers met to be introduced to the new 12-week Training Program, after which they and the outgoing missionaries had lunch there at the church before having their pictures taken by the sign at the Mission Office. 
That was it - After pictures Elder Denton took off with Elder Moorhouse to his first area, charged and raring to go!

President Woodbury and I appreciate you sending your wonderful son to us. I know that you will blessed for your support and the sacrifices you are making to enable him to serve.

            Love, Sister Woodbury 

I've sent some pictures of Elder Denton's first twenty or so hours in the mission field.

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