Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 19--There are a lot of cemeteries here

Date: Jan 7, 2013
Companion: Elder Carly
Area: Morehead, KY

Sup everybody?
There are a lot of cemetaries here. I don't think that people like going very far to die.
It's gotten cold this week but not too cold. It's cold here because we are always out in it. We have been working hard and teaching a lot of people. We have about 5 progressing investigators. On Saturday we went out to a town called Frenchburg. We have a limited number of miles and we try to conserve them and Frenchburg is an hour away so we tried to use our miles wisely. We had 2 appointments out there back to back and one that we were going to try stopping by beforehand because it was a potential investigator. Well the potential investigator's address didn't seem to exist so we started to head to our appointment and the GPS kept taking us offroading! We've been down a few dirt/gravel roads but nothing like these ones. We had to baja the car a little bit but there was a point where we had to turn around and take a longer route. We did that like 3 times before we got to the appointment.
The appointment probably could have gone well, but the lady had taken sleeping pills before we got there and was completely out of it. After we left to go to our last appointment there were a few more dead-end dirt roads we took before we got close. We couldn't find exactly which one was the house so we called them and they were like "Oh, we're leaving somewhere, goodbye!" and hung up. So that's how our day went. We spent like 4 hours in the car. That's certainly not how everyday goes! Saturday night we had a couple of good lessons and the day turned around. I promise it's not all bad!
 Morehead rocks. The picture that I attatched is of a cool cemetary we passed by. Usually they are pretty lame but this one weren't too bad so I snapped me a picture.

This is mostly for Dad.
It's a chicken farm! Gross.

Sorry this letter is lame I'll do better next week!
Good wisdom from the Book of Mormon: Jacob 2: 18-19
Bro Curry: For being a stellar example of somebody who magnifies their calling.
Thanks Ya'll
Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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