Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 20--a Donny Osmond concert!

Date: Jan 14, 2013
Companion: Elder Carly
Area: Morehead, KY

Sup everybody?
Well we had quite the week! The weather has been pretty bi-polar but nothing we can't handle! Starting today campus is back in sessions so we are most definitely excited for that! Yay for more people to teach! Last Monday for P-day we went over to a member's home and they cut our hair and then went and got one of our investigators so that we could have a meal with her in their home! They are super awesome and helpful. We have some sweet member hook-ups. I got my hair cut there and there is another lady that took in my suit pants and sewed a button on for me. It's not that I'm incapable... I just prefer to use my resources (:
 Tuesday I crossed my 5 month mark and while we were walking back from an appointment some members offered us a ride which we took and then they took us out to dinner! Heck yes! Gotta love that!
Wednesday we visited a less-active member's home.
Thursday we had an appointment cancelled by an investigator because she was going to have to put down 1 of her 8 cats and she wanted to spend more time with it before the end of it's life. Anyways this inspired me to take pictures of cats so I will include them in my weekly letters.

Friday we were talking with some hillbillies and I got a picture of a sweet tattoo that I'm thinking about getting.
“I’m gonna get ‘er filled in with red!”
Saturday started out as a pretty normal day going here and there for appointments. About 3 o' clock we headed to Richmond, Kentucky to St Marks Catholic Church. President Woodbury said that we could go to a concert there. The concert happened to be a Donny Osmond concert! 
We showed up and there was a way long line inside but as we walked in a big tall security guy was like "come with me" and we went right passed everybody! We got 2nd row seats because there were 2 zones there (about 50 missionaries). The concert was super good. At the end they told us to stay put while everybody else left and then Donny came back out and took a picture as a group and talked to us for awhile. He signed Elder Carly's tie. 
We weren't supposed to take pictures because we were supposed to enjoy the moment so now I don't really have any proof but they are supposed to email us some pictures. He was very proud of winning Dancing with the Stars.
Sunday the new Elder in our ward was supposed to talk but they were sick. In the middle of sacrament Bishop was like "Elder Denton is going to be speaking instead" so I had about 5 minutes to prepare a talk. It was only 5 minutes and it was on Faith and Repentance so it was pretty easy. I got up there and started talking about Spiderman and how he used the talents that God had given him for good and that it probably took faith for him to change back to a good guy after going bad in Spiderman 3. I felt like it went a lot better than the talk that I had had time to prepare. Later that day we walked to some appointments because it wasn't raining very much but then on our way back it was pouring.... so we got soaked. Oh, Missionary life.
Good wisdom from the Book of Mormon: Mosiah 26:30
Marshals: For being so kind as to give us a ride and take us out to dinner! Thanks!
Have a great week ya hear?
Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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