Monday, December 31, 2012

Week 18--we weren't exactly sure how to wear them so...Ninja.

Date: Dec 31,  2012
Companion: Elder Carly
Area: Morehead, KY
Sup everybody?

I've got some catching up to do! We have an investigator who told us about a dream that she had so... I wrote a poem about it!

Pauline's Dream

The best advice that I've ever received
Came i the form of a dream
Not to me, but a wonderful lady
Who spiritually, waxed lean

A glorious man appeared before me
Wearing beautiful white clothes
Standing in front of the Pearly White Gates
Pure light about him bright glows

He answered my questions which helped me know
What on my left side I saw
Three exceedingly beautiful mansions
Whose glory left me in awe

"Who lives in the first one there?" I pointed
Tempting that celestial being
"Your childhood friend we accepted gladly,
For her belief without seeing."

"How about the one in the middle there?"
"That one is your loving Aunt."
Of course this came to me as no surprise
She wouldn't tell Christ "I can't"

Although I already knew, I still asked,
"And who in the last one there?"
My sweet, sweet grandma it surely must be
Sifted as wheat from the tare

It was curious that as we moved on
The scenery was changing
From the mansions to a subdivision
Small houses still amazing
Inequality had not occurred to me 
That it all was not the same
'Twas then that I saw one, humble as ever
I wondered how it became

"Well what about this one right here?" I asked
"It is yours since you believeth."
I asked, "Why not a mansion?" He replied,
"It's all you gave me to build with."

No, that's not necessarily what heaven shall be like, but the underlying principle is what's important! I was going to go through my whole last 2 weeks day by day... however... That will take a long time... so instead I think I'll just give ya'll the highlights:

Tuesday the 18th we met a huge dog named Duke. I told you about him during the skype call and I included a picture of him and Elder Carly in another email.

Duke! He's so big. He has a coat that is supposed to be for a small horse. He slobbers a lot. 
Thursday the 20th we were invited to some dinner thing put on by the place where we volunteer at, Christian Social Services. There was some good food and then some entertainment afterwards. There was a guy with a guitar and we sang Jesus songs. I see the appeal in the "Rock n' Roll Jesus" type churches ha it was kind of fun.

Sunday the 23rd we had Church and then after a couple of errands we packed our bags and headed to Louisville for the Mission Conference. We stayed the night with some Elders right near where the mission conference was going to be held. (24th)We had Mcds for breakfast and then we went to the conference a little bit early so that we could see all of the Elders that we hadn't seen for awhile! The Program included a lot of singing and the testimonies of the departing missionaries. After that we had lunch and then we sang some more. Sis Woodbury was a member of MoTab so... she enjoys singing. Afterwards we drove home and a member called us and asked us to stop by and had made us some cinnamon rolls! Yay! Then we went over to a little Christmas Party thing with The Bishop and his wife and daughter and another family the same size and they invited over one of our investigators who doesn't really have family or anything to do for Christmas so that was very kind of them. We made Gingerbread houses. 

On Christmas we got up and opened all of our presents (See pictures in email with subject "More Photos") 
I Didn't actually get my 12 days of Christmas package until the 26th but I included the picture from it there. Mom made both of us scarves and we weren't exactly sure how to wear them so... Ninja.

Sunday the 30th President and Sister Woodbury came to our Ward for our 5th Sunday missionary work meeting. President was in our coordination meeting that we have before church as well. Everything seemed to go smoothly. 

I just had some hot chocolate.

The first pictures here are just some scenery. 
The gravel (dirt) road that we were driving on is simply where the GPS led us... 

Good wisdom from the Book of Mormon: Alma 37:6
The Nelsens: for sending me the comments from the ward!

Whitney: for an awesome Christmas package!

Momma: All the hard work you do and for the 12 days of Christmas! As you can see, we enjoyed it!
This had to happen. We weren't sure if it was actually dead or just "playin' possum" so we approached carefully.


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