Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 15--We'll give the credit to the Spirit for that one

Date: Dec 10,  2012
Companion: Elder Carly
Area: Morehead, KY

Sup everybody?
This week has been another productive one! We have been able to get a lot accomplished! Yesterday Elder Carly gave a talk in sacrement. He did well. Earlier in the week the Assistants to the President came and Blitzed our area. We were able to accomplish a lot! Having 2 companionships working 1 area is definately a benifit!
It's finals week on campus so any college investigators that we have are busy busy! Also, some of our investigators are going home for a month or so to be with their families which is understandable, but they need to be baptized, yanno?
The missionaries that left our area took all of our workout equipment so we've only been able to do sit ups and push-ups for the last few weeks. This week we asked around the other missionaries and we were actually able to get some decent equipment! So that should be helpful and now I don't have an excuse to not have an effective workout. So yay.
On quite the opposite, yet still positive note, the members here seem to enjoy feeding us. It's like the promised land of getting fed! It's great but I still have to excercise self control to not stuff myself at every opportunity I have :/ But hey- it's definately a positive thing.
Last week our Zone had a competition to see who could have the best "key indicators" i.e. How many people you've talked to, lessons you've had, etc... Well we won it. We kind of forgot about it during the week and were just working hard and then they sent out a voicemale and we found out that we won! Cool huh? We got a $15 gift card to coldstone.. we're probably just going to give it to somebody else though. There was another competition this week for a Subway gift card.. if we win we'll probably keep that one. I'll have to let ya know what happens. Needless to say we've been doing really well. I'm definately aware that it was our efforts that contributed to that... but not that made it all possible. We'll give the credit to the Spirit for that one.
This week the Ward had their Christmas dinner. I think it was Friday night... it was very tastey! Free meals are the best! It was a potluck.. there were a lot of options! There aren't as many weird foods here as I thought that there would be. They sure do love their 'taters though. One thing that I like that sounds nasty would be corn pudding. Yep. It's de-lish.
My companions parents sent us some stalkings for Christmas! I drew up a make-shift fireplace to make it feel right. Oh yes.
Good wisdom from the Book of Mormon: 2 Nephi 9:34
Mom and Dad: Being so willing to help me out! Love you guys!
Sivertson Family: For my awesome Christmas package! Thanks guys!
I hope ya'll have a great week!
Elder Denton III (Strikes again)

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